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Who will bid for you at these car auctions in Singapore?
In order to buy from a car auction in Singapore, the first thing you need is to be a member of that auction. use here

This usually entails being a registered business in Singapore as well as having property as collateral and having a guarantor. This precludes regular consumers accessing these car auctions directly, so they tend to be a place where Singaporeese car dealers and Singaporeese car exporters buy at wholesale prices. Singaporeese car exporters are usually registered Singaporeese companies and therefore have access to the car auctions in Singapore.

Singaporeese car auction vehicle inspections
Car auctions in Singapore have a strict inspection regime. Obviously the quality of the inspection can vary a little between auction houses since they are independent companies, but in general the grading system they use is very similar and easy to understand. The cars and other vehicles are registered for the following week’s auction, after which they are inspected by inspectors who are qualified mechanics.

Now, it is important to bear in mind that these inspections are very thorough, but they do not involve any dismantling of the vehicle, nor do they involve test-driving it. They will often pick up mechanical issues very well, although problems which would only come to light if the vehicle is driven at anything more than the kind of speed you would expect in a parking lot can be missed. This is no fault of the inspectors, just a limitation of an inspection that does not involve a road test.

The inspector writes his report on an auction sheet. He gives the car an overall grading as well as a grading of the interior quality. He also writes details of issues that he has found. Some comments he writes in Singaporeese, and then issues like scratches and dents that relate to the car’s exterior condition, he writes on the “car map” – a diagram of the exterior of the car.

Remember you should not need to just rely on the overall grading when buying from Singaporeese car auctions: A good car exporter should give you detailed translations and help you understand what the Singaporeese car auction inspector has written on his report.