Solar Energy History Present Future

The origins of the origin of solar energy dates back to the year 1838 to an researcher called Edmund Becquerel who had presented observations on the capacity of materials to turn light into renewable energy at the period. Though at the time it was interesting nobody took the chance to try it then. Visit Barrett Solar Near Kansas City.

As time will have it, in 1860 a man called Augustin Mouchot made the first patent application for a motor operating on solar energy. Fortunately, France’s king sponsored his dream for him, which offered him the opportunity to build a system that would make solar energy the first steam engine. Yet that was the beginning of events to come, as August went on to demonstrate that the rays of the sun may be used to create ice by linking the steam engine to a refrigerator. He had earned a award for his achievement.

Nevertheless, his one-of – a-kind work quickly became a financial strain for the French, who in effect were searching for a cheaper coal supply deal with the English. August experimented assiduously seeking to come up with options but the French king no longer had much confidence in such a luxury. But Experimental spending fell to a stop!

Experimentation In 1876 a man named William Adams wrote his first book on solar energy. The book was named “A Substitute for Fuel in Tropical Countries.” William had done a series of tests using mirrors along with his pupil Richard Day; they were able to build a 2.5-horsepower steam engine that was far greater than Augustin’s horsepower steam engine, which had just 0.5 power. Their architecture was known as the (Power Tower Concept) and remains a feature of the world today.

Charles Fritz attempted to turn the beam of the sun into electricity in 1883. The solar cell was a huge turning point in the evolution of renewable energy at 2 per cent avg.

At the time of 1885 it was a Frenchman (Charles Teller) who worked with a non-concentratingandnon-reflective solar engine. Charles was the first citizen to install a solar energy device on his roof for domestic use heating water; until 1885, no one had been able to do it. Yet Charles had a penchant for drying up himself. He was called the founder of the specific industry, as a matter of truth. Nevertheless, his urge to fulfill his visions of warmth triggered a loss of confidence in science and experimentation on solar energy, and the entire idea on solar energy was inactive, of course. Nobody knows what our current situation might have been if he just persevered.

The first Solar Business was founded by John Erickson, a Swedish inventor and researcher who also had a role to play in solar energy creation, a solar power steam engine that had similar features to Augustin’s design between 1868-1888. John was the one who invented these words:-” A hundred thousand years sunk in the ocean of time would drain the coal fields of Europe fully, unless, in the meantime, the power of the sun is deployed. “